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Pineapples are a few of the best tropical fruits. Many individuals would definitely having a slice of pineapple daily.

Nevertheless, the complicated part is in cutting them. Pineapples must be cut with much care to avoid hurting your hands or leaving thorny parts that hurt the mouth area. Consequently, if you are a pineapple lover, investing in a superior pineapple slicer is important.
Listed here is a guide on the best way to select a great pineapple cutter.

Choosing the Best Pineapple Slicer


A good pineapple slicer should assist you a stable grip. Thus, you ought to opt for pineapple slicers whose addresses are constructed with anti-slip materials. Additionally, the handle must certanly be of the great size, to enable you great grasp without fighting to get a spot to place some of your fingers.

Ease of Use

An excellent pineapple cutter must also be user friendly. After all from cutting the fruit and minimizing the mess created while performing to getting the fruit slices off the cutter’s handle.

Some of the Best Pineapple Cutters

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer

When it comes to grip, this pineapple slicer wins hands-down. This pineapple cutter comes with a ratcheting handle that allow you to drill and tilt the cutter within your fruit simply. This cutter is also highly-functional. It head is straightforward to ripoff so you can enable you to get pineapple slices effortlessly.
Conversing of performance, this cutter has it. It has a sharp stainless steel blade that allows you cut through the fruit without hassle.

All Ware Metal Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer

While it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, this pineapple cutter takes it. It allows you cut through you fruit without wastage or crushing the fruit. Furthermore, its handles are actually comfortable empowering you a strong grip. Visit useful reference.
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