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Nick KatherinaBramlet
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Vorname Katherina
Nachname Bramlett
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 28.04.1999 (18)
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Adresse Poznan
PLZ - Ort 61-527 -
Land Tansania
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New York City has several thrilling attractions to visit, restaurants, shows, and entertainment.
Explore some websites to the Hudson River for a selection of exciting tours and activities to try.

Highline and Chelsea Meatpacking Tour

The Highline and Chelsea Meatpacking Tour is just a walk-through Highline a 1 mile park on the Manhattan westside. The tour includes history, architecture, and nature. The walking tours takes you though Chelsea and you will enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River.
It starts at the Chelsea marketplace and sometimes stops at a skill gallery.

You'll walk-through former factories and warehouses where the trains once ran often. You'll hear stories about the meatpacking industry and the way it turned from slaughter houses to one of the most upscale neighborhood in New York. View the remarkable architecture of the The Standard Hotel, Empire State Building, and IAC Building.

Whitney Museum of warehouses and Circle Line Sightseeing Tours

Stop at the Whitney Museum of Stop with over 22,000 works of art created by 3,000 artists located in the United States. Many of the painting reflect distinct periods in art like Modernism, Social Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, and Pop Art. Besides, the regular collection they have changing exhibits of new artists often.

You will find noteworthy exhibits on film-makers like Andy Warhol and lots of special lectures, talks, and readings. The ArtPort is the museums connection to Internet Art. It was Abstract in 2002. It's an internet gallery space. They have programs for youngsters, teens, and adults.
Dine to the first floor at the Untitled Restaurant available for lunch and dinner. On the eight floor stop at the Studio Cafe for luch.

Take a sightseeing tour with Circleline Sightseeing Tours across the Hudson River. It is a great way to see the beautiful skyline, Statute of Liberty and the many bridges over the Hudson. They have many different kind of cruises to choose from. You'll find after hour cruises, landmark tours, and thrill boat rides.

These are only of some of the several thrilling activities in Nyc. For further infos take a look at
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