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Nick StevenBrewington
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Vorname Steven
Nachname Brewington
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 06.04.1961 (56)
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Adresse Haide
PLZ - Ort 9321 -
Land Schweden
Registriert 20.05.2016 um 07:20 Uhr
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New York City may be the financial capital of the world and also quite probably the most critical city while in the U.S.
But a lot of people who visit do so for that city's many attractions. Here is a partial list of what to visit when you're in Nyc.

entertainment and entertainment

Nyc is one of the fantastic places in the world to visit if you would like to see essential art and entertainment attractions. There are two mustsees for just about any arts and entertainment aficionado: a Broadway show and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Different top arts and entertainment attractions in Nyc incorporate Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheimmuseum.


New York is known as a destination for high end shopping, and also the No. 1 destination for a proceed in the city is Fifth Avenue, that will be home to such high-end retailers as Hermes, Cartier, Tiffany and Saks Fifth Avenue. There are a number of additional shopping areas in Nyc.
Rockefeller Center has many shops, of course if that you do not mind traveling a little out of the city, you can visit New York's largest mall, Roosevelt Field, which can be on Long Island.

Historical places

New York was one of many first key cities to develop in the U.S., and thus it has several historical buildings and sites that no body must keep the city without seeing. One of the largest such attractions is the Statue of Liberty, a 300-foot-tall statue that's a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The statue was a gift towards the U.S. from France in 1886 and is among the most Historical structures in the country. Other historical places to visit in New York would be the Empire state-building, St. Patrick's Cathedral, The New York Public Library and also the Brooklyn Bridge.

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