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Nick LawerenceChitwoo
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Vorname Lawerence
Nachname Chitwood
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 02.04.1963 (54)
Größe --
Adresse Kempten
PLZ - Ort 87407 -
Land Sambia
Registriert 05.07.2016 um 12:29 Uhr
Letzter Besuch 05.07.2016 um 12:29 Uhr

E-Mail --
Homepage --
ICQ --
Jabber --
Skype --
Telefon 0831 89 46 09
Handy 0831 89 46 09

The internet site is in Japanese and can't be translated using the Bing translator.
Which makes the web site clearly configured only for these online shoppers who is able to read the Japanese language. The website is actually a store selling Japanese facial and body creams. The opening site shows an attractive Japanese girl with very opaque skin keeping a jar of cream.
There are some very tempting hunting creams in love with the initial page even for those shoppers who don't read Japanese. The cost is in Japanese currency. There is an apparently straightforward checkout that will require that the bank card be verified.
The purchasing experience is intended just for those that could read in Japanese.

The online Japanese store is interesting in that it's programmed to stop translation into different languages. That produces the internet site a curiosity since most foreign languages could be translated online. The web site owner is probably only in a position to ship to consumers in his vicinity which may make the translation unnecessary but adding software to prevent translation can be a deliberate action around the area of the website owner.

You will find additional products besides creams being in love with this amazing site. There is a business page that sells electronic equipment. That is basically what the website is selling, creams and electronics. The tempting creams would-be quickly purchased by non Japanese language readers by calling the number that is provided to the first page and on the electronic page as well.
Nevertheless, the caller may run the risk of experiencing to speak in Japanese to communicate with all the company by telephone. There's additionally a contact shown but again it's in Western and could entail the same communication gap. E.g. the best organic skin care line.
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